We have options for you!

We proudly offer a 30 year warranty on our new kegs.

Yes, price breaks are offered at 100, 200, 300,400, 500

Yes, pick up appointments are an option.

No minimums. If you need 1 keg or 1000, we are stocked and ready.

All of the new kegs come in stackable or non-stackable options. Many of our used sizes are stackable as well.

The bottom chime of the keg is slightly tampered, in order to nestle into the top of another keg.

We can emboss new kegs in about 1-2 days.

We will need a high resolution file of your logo, ideally in .TIFF format.

We use the highest quality manufacturer in China.

No. Any Chinese kegs that we offer are thoroughly tested, and exceed all requirements for safety and quality.

Visa/MasterCard, direct deposit, wire, e-transfer, and cash.

No minimums. You can rent for as little as one month or until you have no more need for the kegs.

The kegs come pickled and passivated. But we always recommend customers clean to their own standards.

All used kegs require cleaning by the customer.

Yes, all used kegs are de-branded. Embossing is smoothed down, or crimped out, and all stickers, paint or previous etching are removed.

We can fit up to 75x 20L kegs per pallet (25 per layer).

We can fit up to 48x 30L pallet (16 per layer).

We can fit up to 24x 50L kegs per pallet (8 per layer).

Yes, we keep a stock of new Fermenters and Brite tanks in stock .